Dentoalveolar Surgery

This type of surgery encompasses a variety of problems with the teeth, gum, jawbone and other bony or soft tissues of the mouth. The alveolar bone surrounds and supports the teeth.

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Dental Implants

When natural teeth are missing, the bone which held them in place begins to shrink.This can cause dentures and bridges to become uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

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Facial Trauma

Trauma to the facial region may be caused by a variety of events such as motor vehicle accidents, sporting injury, violence, work-related injury or falls/fainting. These result in fractures to the facial bones or soft tissue injuries such as lacerations to the skin or gums.

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Facial Pathology

Any altered appearance to the mucosa (skin lining the inside of the mouth) may be an indication of a pathological process. The most serious pathological change is oral cancer.

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